Mayoral applicants reveal taxation statements. Meet Nashville mayoral prospects

Mayoral applicants reveal taxation statements. Meet Nashville mayoral prospects

The Tennessean asked for many prospects’ most recent individual tax statements, a summary of resources of earnings — including assets — along with participation in and monetary contributions to nonprofit businesses. (Picture: Getty Graphics / Fuse)

Bill Freeman reported nearly just as much in yearly earnings on their many recent taxation return as most of their mayoral opponents did combined, in accordance with overview of funds carried out by The Tennessean.

Freeman, co-founder of Freeman Webb Co., which manages apartment properties, reported an modified gross earnings of $2,412,451 just last year — 2 1 /2 times a lot more than company administrator Linda Eskind Rebrovick, whose $962,883 modified earnings in 2013 is 2nd greatest on the list of seven Nashville mayoral applicants.

The Tennessean asked June 2 for all candidates’ most recent personal tax returns, a list of sources of income — including investments — as well as involvement in and financial donations to nonprofit organizations in a push for transparency.

A lot of this information — perhaps perhaps perhaps perhaps not the tax statements and net worth statements, nonetheless — had been made general general public through filings utilizing the Tennessee Ethics Commission this previous week.

Freeman also reported a web worth of $123,174,492, a figure that combines assets, stocks and estate that is real. The Tennessean asked for a web worth of most prospects, but other promotions stated they didn’t have the knowledge tallied. Freeman’s statement of finance is dated.

Every prospect supplied income tax returns into the Tennessean. Some supplied their comes back simply because they have obtained extensions with regards to their reports. More